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uniquely abrasion-resistant, stretchable, flexible

Natural rubber

Natural rubber, NR, also known as latex, is a naturally occurring polymer derived from the milky sap

of the rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis). This material is uniquely flexible, abrasion-resistant and stretchable and has other material properties that make it suitable for a wide range of applications in different industries.


Chemical structure


The chemical structure of natural rubber is characterized by a repeating arrangement of isoprene monomer units. These polyisoprene chains are cross-linked, which gives natural rubber its unique elasticity and strength.


Material properties and resistance


  • is characterized by particularly high elasticity, abrasion resistance and exceptionally good cold flexibility

  • very good dynamic and mechanical properties

  • Mainly used in the automotive sector, plant and mechanical engineering and in the food industry

  • Temperature resistance: -50°C to 90°C

  • not resistant to chemical influences such as oils, greases, solvents

High elasticity and flexibility Natural rubber is characterized by extraordinary elasticity, which allows it to stretch significantly and return to its original shape after deformation. This property makes it particularly suitable for products that need to withstand bending and deformation. ​ High tear resistance Natural rubber has impressive tear resistance, meaning it can withstand high mechanical stress without cracking. This is particularly important for products that require strong tensile or compressive forces are exposed. ​ Excellent insulation properties Due to its low electrical conductivity, natural rubber is often used in the electrical industry used for insulation purposes. It effectively protects against electrical currents and is therefore used in cables, Wire coatings and insulation materials are used. ​ Resistance to wear and abrasion Natural rubber shows good resistance to wear and abrasion, making it suitable for applications is ideal in the automotive industry, especially for tires, but also for conveyor belts and seals. High density and weight resistance Despite its elasticity, natural rubber has a comparatively high density, which makes it resistant to various environmental influences. This property makes it a suitable material for outdoor products.   However, natural rubber is sensitive to chemical influences such as oils, fats and solvents. Durability can be improved with certain additives and modifications.

Material hardness and coloring


Natural rubber is available in different degrees of hardness, with the degree of hardness being determined by mixing it with fillers

how soot is affected. In terms of coloring, natural rubber is natural all in one

milky-white color, but pigments can be added for special requirements, typically

NK is mainly available in black, gray, red or beige.



Industries and applications

The unique material properties of natural rubber make it an indispensable material in various industries, from the automotive to the medical industry. Its versatility, combined with customizable hardness and coloring, enables a wide range of applications, with natural rubber, the original material of all syntheticrubbers Plays a central role in modern material technology.

Automotive industry Tires, seals, hoses and suspension components due to its elasticity and abrasion resistance. Medical technology Gloves, hoses and seals due to its biocompatible properties. Construction Seals, hoses and joint fillers due to its elasticity and tensile strength. Textile industry Rubber bands, membranes and elastic fabrics due to its stretchability. Industrial applications Conveyor belts, vibration dampers and buffers due to its mechanical properties.

In summary, natural rubber is a fascinating natural product on which all synthetic rubbers are based

developed over a hundred years. NR is used in a variety of industries due to its unique material properties and adaptability. From medicine to mechanical engineering to the construction industry, natural rubber plays a crucial role in the production of products that

rely on its outstanding flexibility, stretch and resilience.

Material development/compounding

high quality standards for the best durability



Our products should withstand extreme chemical and physical influences

be in long-term use.That's why we always choose the 

Material that exactly meets the customer's individual requirements. 

For challenging projects, you can rely on extensive expertise 

and leave our network of raw material suppliers and application engineers. 

We deal in depth with the conditions of use and know materials

develop, which are characterized by a wide variety of properties such as 

Heat or cold resistance, weather resistance, media resistance 

and long service life.

material analysis microscope
material selection symbol

targeted material selection

Due to the high level of wear and tear on rubberand plastic products, the associated complex repair work and expensive downtime, we clarify all the physical aspects in the first conversation

and chemical influences on the product.


This allows us to offer our customers high-quality products

withoffer the best durability and resistance.


Material optimization

We optimize the physical and chemicalCharacteristics

of the material used or are specifically looking for alternatives,

to provide better resistance to different 

environmental influences. 


This allows us to identify your product using data sheets,Attempts or external tests to specifically improve the quality.

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