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NBR SD Gummi Hintergrund


excellent resistance to
Mineral oil and lubricants

Nitrile butadiene rubber



Nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR), also known as nitrile rubber, is characterized by outstanding resistance to chemicals such as mineral oils, fuels, grease, alcohols and vegetable and animal fats

as well as oils. Its polar nitrile side groups on the polymer backbone allow for low interaction with non-polar liquids, resulting in minimal swelling in such media.

This gives the material its remarkable media resistance.


Chemical structure

NBR is a copolymer that is created by the polymerization of acrylonitrile (ACN) and butadiene.

These two monomers form a flexible but at the same time resilient molecular lattice.

Copolymerization enables tailor-made adjustment of material properties through

Variation of acrylonitrile content. NBR has good abrasion resistance, high mechanical properties

and low gas permeability. Elasticity varies with acrylonitrile content, with higher contents

lead to a decrease in elasticity.

Material properties and resistance

  • very good elastic and mechanical properties

  • high abrasion resistance and low gas permeability

  • Recommended for contact with mineral oils, fuels, gases and organic fats and oils

  • Swells on contact with polar solvents

  • NBR is largely used in the food industry, oil production and vehicle construction

  • Temperature resistance: -40°C to 130°C

NBR is characterized by outstanding resistance to chemicals such as mineral oils, fuels, grease, alcohols and vegetable and animal fats and oils. The material has good abrasion resistance, high mechanical properties and low gas permeability. Elasticity varies with acrylonitrile content, with higher levels leading to a decrease in elasticity. flexibility NBR shows pronounced flexibility, which makes it particularly adaptable in various areas of application. Tear resistance The material has impressive tear strength, making it resistant to mechanical stress and cracks. ​ Wear resistance NBR has remarkable wear resistance, making it ideal for applications with abrasive conditions. density With a moderate density, NBR is a lightweight yet robust material option. Insulation properties NBR's insulating properties make it valuable in electrical applications. ​ Weather resistance Good weather resistance, especially against UV radiation. Minimal aging and change in material properties during prolonged outdoor exposure.   Temperature resistance The operating temperature range of NBR is between -40°C - 130°C. The material can often withstand higher temperatures for a short period of time without significant loss of material properties. ​ Chemical resistance Excellent resistance to many oils and fuels and lubricants. Compared to water vapor: NBR shows good resistance to water vapor. Maintains its material properties largely when in contact with moisture. NBR is not resistant to strong acids, alkalis, aromatic hydrocarbons such as benzene, polar solvents such as acetone and ketones, in which the material can swell and deform.

Material hardness and coloring


NBR is available in different degrees of hardness, from soft (approx. 30 Shore A) to harder types (over 90 Shore A). The material hardness can be adjusted depending on the requirements. In terms of color, NBR

are made in different colors, with black, gray or white being the most common colors.

In principle, the coloring can be adapted depending on the application and customer preferences.

Industries and applications

NBR is widely used in various industries, including automotive, oil and gas exploration, food processing, medical devices, and industrial safety equipment. It is used for the manufacture of seals,

O-rings, hydraulic hoses, protective gloves and other products that require high resistance to oils and lubricants and high flexibility.

Automobilindustrie Dichtungen, Schläuche, O-Ringe, Kraftstoffsysteme. Die Beständigkeit gegenüber Kraftstoffen und Ölen macht NBR zu einem idealen Material für diese Anwendungen. Öl- und Gasindustrie: Dichtungen, Förderbandbeschichtungen, Schutzabdeckungen. Die Abriebfestigkeit und chemische Beständigkeit gegenüber verschiedenen Industrieflüssigkeiten ist in dieser Branche entscheidend. Medizinische Industrie Handschuhe, Dichtungen für medizinische Geräte. Die Kombination aus Flexibilität und hygienischen Eigenschaften ist in medizinischen Anwendungen von Vorteil Bauindustrie Dichtungen, Schallschutzprodukte. Die Wetterbeständigkeit und Vielseitigkeit von NBR machen es für Bauanwendungen geeignet.

Compared to other rubber materials, NBR stands out due to its outstanding durability

oils, fuels and lubricants, making this material irreplaceable for many components in

Machines, engines and many facilities.

Material development/compounding

high quality standards for the best durability



Our products should withstand extreme chemical and physical influences

be in long-term use.That's why we always choose the 

Material that exactly meets the customer's individual requirements. 

For challenging projects, you can rely on extensive expertise 

and leave our network of raw material suppliers and application engineers. 

We deal in depth with the conditions of use and know materials

develop, which are characterized by a wide variety of properties such as 

Heat or cold resistance, weather resistance, media resistance 

and long service life.

material analysis microscope
material selection symbol

targeted material selection

Due to the high level of wear and tear on rubberand plastic products, the associated complex repair work and expensive downtime, we clarify all the physical aspects in the first conversation

and chemical influences on the product.


This allows us to offer our customers high-quality products

withoffer the best durability and resistance.


Material optimization

We optimize the physical and chemicalCharacteristics

of the material used or are specifically looking for alternatives,

to provide better resistance to different 

environmental influences. 


This allows us to identify your product using data sheets,Attempts or external tests to specifically improve the quality.

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