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Materialoptimierung Gummi, SDGummi Mikroskop


high quality materials for the best durability

We supply products made from all known rubber and silicone and plastic qualities and can therefore cover almost the entire hardness range from foamed to special Operate hard materials. ​


Our aim is to establish solid solutions on the market, which ensure lower maintenance costs, the longest possible durability and also better sustainability. Our products are made from a selection of over six hundred high-quality raw mixes and sheeting materials.


The choice of material depends primarily on the mechanical load, the ambient temperature and the direct media contact of the product. We would be happy to advise you on specific parameters such as hardness, elongation, resilience or media resistance. ​


When developing sophisticated product developments, we specifically coordinate the material composition with the customer Our network of application engineers and compounders exactly tailored to the chemical and technical requirements.

Our materials

NR Natural rubber

EPDM Ethylene Propylene Diene Rubber

NBR nitrile butadiene rubber

HNBR hydrogenated nitrite butadiene rubber

SBR Styrene Butadiene Rubber

CR Chloroprene rubber

IIR Isobutyl Isobutene rubber

ACM Acrylate Ethylene Rubber

FKM fluoro rubber

FFKM perfluoro rubber

VMQ Silicon

FVMQ Fluorosilicone

Our quality

Control, material selection and compound development

  • We subject our products and compounds to strict controls to ensure consistent quality

  • The material selection is carried out in close consultation with the customer and our proven compounders

  • For new mixtures, we issue preliminary data sheets according to individual customer requirements to ensure that the quality corresponds exactly to the physical or chemical specifications

Process safety and testing

  • When producing release samples or prototypes, we create initial sample test reports, acceptance test certificates or declarations of conformity, which are cross-checked and approved by the customer

  • We pay close attention to process reliability so that no quality deviations are to be expected

  • Before raw materials are processed, there is always a strict incoming goods inspection

  • After production, an outgoing goods inspection of up to 100 percent is carried out

  • Properties such as dimensions, weight, tightness or visual defects are checked

Packaging, transport and labelling

  • All products are inspected before packaging and can also be marked, for example with the date of manufacture

  • Our products can be found in Environmentally friendly packaging ensures the route to the respective destination with the lowest possible emissions.

  • In cooperation with our customers, we also implement special packaging regulations for export processing to ensure that our products are delivered efficiently and safely.

Material development/compounding

high quality standards for the best durability



Our products should withstand extreme chemical and physical influences

be in long-term use.That's why we always choose the 

Material that exactly meets the customer's individual requirements. 

For challenging projects, you can rely on extensive expertise 

and leave our network of raw material suppliers and application engineers. 

We deal in depth with the conditions of use and know materials

develop, which are characterized by a wide variety of properties such as 

Heat or cold resistance, weather resistance, media resistance 

and long service life.

material analysis microscope
material selection symbol

targeted material selection

Due to the high level of wear and tear on rubberand plastic products, the associated complex repair work and expensive downtime, we clarify all the physical aspects in the first conversation

and chemical influences on the product.


This allows us to offer our customers high-quality products

withoffer the best durability and resistance.


Material optimization

We optimize the physical and chemicalCharacteristics

of the material used or are specifically looking for alternatives,

to provide better resistance to different 

environmental influences. 


This allows us to identify your product using data sheets,Attempts or external tests to specifically improve the quality.

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