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Kompensator Rohrleitungen, rubber compensator


Rubber compensators, silicone compensators

Rubber expansion joints for pipelines are used where expansion, temperature fluctuations

and lateral and axial vibrations need to be compensated for.

With the help of one or more expansion folds and the elasticity of the material,

compensators absorb extreme mechanical loads.

For applications with high operating pressure, fabric inserts or vacuum support rings are incorporated. Precisely perforated flanges or integrated steel flanges ensure easy installation for our customers.

Rubber compensators and silicone compensators
Manufacturing overview

Rubber compensators for pipelines

Rubber compensators or pipe expansion joints serve as connecting pieces for pipes where movements or expansions are compensated.

We can offer you both standard rubber expansion joints from our supplier network as well as custom-made rubber or silicone expansion joints, which are manufactured by hand or with our prototype tools.

Square rubber compensators

Rubber compensators or silicone compensators are manufactured in modular tools to accommodate different connection dimensions at economical prices. Transition compensators for installation with different connection dimensions are manufactured by hand on specially made auxiliary molds with seamless connections .

Rubber compensators

If you need a special design compensator for a demanding installation situation or to connect different connection dimensions, we can support you in the development and supply the right product.

Using modern design programs, we plan rubber expansion joints as individual components or integrate them into complex assemblies.


Rubber compensator flange EPDM NBR FKM.png
Silicone compensator square rectangular compensator.png
Silicone compensator transition compensator vase compensator.png

Examples of special designs

  • Rubber compensators with flange

  • Silicone expansion joints pipelines

  • Transition compensators

  • Dosing and weighing cuffs

  • with fabric for reinforcements

  • PTFE and ceramic coatings

  • certified DIN EN ISO 9001

  • Fire protection DIN EN 45545 HL3

  • BfR and FDA conformity

  • blue with food approval

  • metallic detectable

  • UL certified

Custom made compensators

Your compensators individually and dimensionallyaccurately manufactured according to drawings or samples

Here you can upload your technical drawings, 3D models or sketches

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Material selection for compensators

  • EPDM

  • CR

  • NBR


  • NO



  • NO/SBR

  • PU

  • CSS

  • PVC


Product development

from prototype to series



We develop our rubber compensators and silicone compensators 

based on 3D models, technical drawings, sketches or product samples

and clarify with you all the important parameters for the development

and successful implementation of your requirements.

We compare different solution approaches and find the best solution

for you in terms of product requirements, material selection, production technology

and economic implementation from prototype to series.

With our expertise, modern construction programs and a broad network

of engineers and application techniciansand manufacturing partners,

we will quickly turn your idea into a technically functional,

long-term stable and high-quality product

Rubber compensator custom-made.png
Rubber Profile.png

Do you need technical advice and want to speak to an expert?
You are welcome to contact us or send us your concerns by email.
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