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individuelle Gummiprodukte Lebensmittelindustrie


individual solutions for your application

Industry-oriented solutions
for a wide range of industries


We  have experience with rubber and plastic products in many special

areas of application and  find cross-industry solutions.

Mechanical engineering, chemical industry, power generation, research, food technology, pharmaceuticals, rail vehicle technology, road construction, packaging technology or hydraulic steel construction.

Here you will find some application and product examples for the industries we supply.

Blähmanschetten Rohrleitungen

In order to withstand the mechanical stresses of constant movement, stretching and abrasion, the geometry and material of machine components must be precisely designed. The operating conditions for machine components cover the widest spectrum in terms of the requirements for thermal, chemical or physical properties.


The elasticity of rubber, silicone and plastic components also makes them irreplaceable for plant and mechanical engineering. We also supply spare parts for your system as a one-off production for all production processes. 


Gummimanschetten für Rohrleitungen Petrochemie

In chemical production, any unplanned maintenance is often associated with downtime and high costs. Products made from elastomers are irreplaceable in manufacturing and filling processes in the chemical industry. These must be designed for contact with aggressive chemicals such as acids or lubricants with high additives and high operating temperatures,

in order to be able to use it as long-term and functionally reliable as possible.


We take into account all environmental influences as well as the chemical composition of the contact materials in order to provide you with high-quality products.


Dosiermanschetten und Wiegemanschetten für Dosieranlagen

Rubber and plastic products are essential for dosing, weighing and filling processes for powdery or granular products. At the same time, they ensure protection against dust, the avoidance of material jams and, above all, must not affect the weighing result, which requires high demands on the tightness, connection accuracy and clean processing of the components used.


Our products are already being used successfully in dosing processes in the food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as in the production of concrete and chemicals.



With the energy turnaround, the transition from fossil to sustainable energy sources and their constant expansion, there is an innovation in materials research. The requirements for the products used in water and wind power plants, solar panels and oil, gas and coal production range from extreme weather resistance, high temperature resistance to resistance to aggressive chemicals. 

For energy generation and recovery, we develop high-quality products with insulating properties, electrical conductivity, fire protection or special chemical requirements.

Energy technology


The energy transition, the transition from fossil to sustainable energy sources and their constant expansion is accompanied by innovation in materials research. The requirements for the products used in water and wind power plants, solar panels as well as oil, gas and coal production range from extreme weather resistance, high temperature resistance to resistance to aggressive chemicals. 

We develop high-quality products for energy generation and recovery that are intended to be used over the long term, even under extreme operating conditions. Insulating properties, electrical conductivity, fire protection or special chemical requirements – contact us. We like to take on new challenges.

Gummiformteile Forschung und Design

You have the idea - we know how to implement it efficiently.

Research and design stand for innovation - we are constantly faced with new challenges from start-ups, research institutes, laboratories and universities. Special chemical and physical conditions of use, required approvals or high demands on haptics, optics and design, to name just a few examples.


Individual advice and partnership-based cooperation are crucial as early as the prototype phase in order to implement the projects efficiently and successfully.We support you with our know-how in the planning, development and manufacture of near-series prototypes and subsequent delivery of the series product.


Gummimanschetten Lebensmittelindustrie

The high hygiene requirements in the food and beverage industry require the use of highly developed materials, since the products must not be altered in terms of taste or smell or even contaminated during the entire manufacturing process.

Our products for customers in the food and beverage industry meet all FDA, BfR and EU standard conformity requirements and can be manufactured to be metallically detectable and in a striking blue color to meet the high hygiene requirements and minimize downtimes.


Silikonformteile für Medizin und Pharma

Due to the high hygiene, safety and quality requirements, only the purest, medically and physiologically harmless materials are used in medical and pharmaceutical technology. Cooperation with these industries means an extremely high level of responsibility, since the safety of people and life is always at stake. 

To guarantee this, our rubber and silicone products meet all important conformity and approval requirements and can be manufactured, sterilized and packaged under the highest class clean room conditions. Our products are already being used successfully in medical devices in clinics or laboratories as well as in tablet manufacturing systems. 


Gummidichtungen und Gummischläuche für Oldtimer

For classic car fans, the best quality of the components is just good enough for the beloved vehicle or collector's item. We can reproduce individual components 1:1 and replace them with the most modern materials for oldtimers and youngtimers. This is how we improve the requirements for tightness, noise insulation and functionality of the rubber, silicone and plastic parts individually designed for your vehicle.

In order to get the engine to perform at its best, the function and durability of motorsport components is crucial. Here come only High-performance materials are used that withstand high additive oils and lubricants as well as high temperatures.


Profile und Rahmendichtungen nach DIN 19704-2

Large-volume sealing systems, which are essential for shipping, lock, waterway and weir construction, are usually used for ship and hydraulic steel construction applications. The greatest challenge for customers in these industries is dimensional accuracy, product longevity and environmental protection.


We develop high-quality sealing systems or can fall back on a large number of standard profiles tested according to DIN 19704-2 for hydraulic steel construction. Our products convince with abrasion resistance, elongation at break and long-term flexibility when tons of steel and water act on the material.



We like to take on new challenges

product development

from prototype to series


We develop our rubber and silicon products based on 3D models, technical drawings,

sketches or product samples and clarify with you all the important parameters

for the development and successful implementation of your requirements.

We compare different solution approaches and find the best solution for you in terms of

product requirements, material selection, production technology

and economic implementation from prototype to series.

With our expertise, modern construction programs and a broad network

of engineers and application techniciansand manufacturing partners,

we will quickly turn your idea into a technically functional,

long-term stable and high-quality product

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