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Rubber seals, flat seals and molded seals

Sealing technology

Flat seals, frame seals, profile seals, moulded rubber seals -

All products serve the same purpose - they are intended to seal, dampen and insulate, but the individual contour and required quantity determine which manufacturing processes are suitable.

With our own production and our network, we can use a wide range of manufacturing techniques to meet your requirements and thus offer you the most technically sensible and economical solution from prototype to series production.

Seal overview and manufacturing process

Flat gasket seal EPDM.png
Flat Gasket Seal Rubber.png
NBR Hydraulic Seal Rubber Molded Seal.png

Rubber seals

Rubber seals, flat seals, frame seals, semi-finished products or cut pieces - these products are made from high-quality sheet materials using water jet cutting, punching or plotting. These techniques can be used to create any 2-dimensional contour. For large series and geometries that can be produced using extrusion technology, sections of hoses are cut to length automatically.

Rubber seals

Profile seals, inflatable seals and round cord seals are made from extruded profiles or round cords, cut to length according to the installation dimensions and hand-made into a ring or using auxiliary tools to form a frame. We supply particularly large seal designs made from segments. A high-quality connection through vulcanization, welding or gluing ensures the best possible durability.


rubber seals

Complicated 3D contours can only be created using vulcanization tools. We work with cost-effective prototype tools as well as long-term series tools in order to be able to offer our customers the product at the lowest possible cost. Further information on the different manufacturing techniques can be found under the molded parts. We would also be happy to advise you.

Material selection for seals

  • EPDM

  • CR

  • NBR

  • HNBR

  • NR

  • SBR

  • foam rubber

  • cellular rubber


  • FKM

  • FFKM

  • ACM

  • TPE

  • PVC

  • Soft PVC

  • PTFE

Custom made seals

Your seals individually and dimensionally accurately
manufactured according to drawings or samples

Here you can upload your technical drawings, 3D models or sketches

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Examples of special designs

  • self-adhesive rubber seals

  • with fabric inserts for reinforcement

  • Custom-made silicone seals

  • foamed rubber seals

  • Rubber seals DIN 19704-2

  • PTFE coatings

  • certified DIN EN ISO 9001

  • Fire protection DIN EN 45545 HL3

  • Silicone seals with FDA conformity

  • blue with food approval

  • metallic detectable

  • UL certified

Manufacturing of seals

Seals can be connected as rings or frames using various manufacturing techniques.

Depending on the operating conditions and the mechanical stress, profile rings or

frame seals are glued, vulcanized or welded together.

Using the same techniques, we manufacture large-format gaskets from segments,

to meet as many sealing requirements as possible.

We would be happy to advise you on the various techniques and

can provide you with the most economical solution.

Round cord seal glued vulcanized.png
Rubber frame seal welded vulcanized.png
Rubber frame seal glued vulcanized.png

Examples of industry solutions

  • Custom-made flat gaskets

  • Frame seals

  • Profile seals

  • Rubber strips and cuts

  • Wiper seal

  • Groove ring and X-ring

  • Precision seal

  • vulcanized sealing rings

  • Flange seals

  • Rubber Metal Seals

  • Membrane seals

  • Segment seals

Product development

from prototype to series


We develop our rubber seals, silicone seals and molded seals

based on 3D models, technical drawings, sketches or product samples

and clarify with you all the important parameters for the development

and successful implementation of your requirements.

We compare different solution approaches and find the best solution

for you in terms of product requirements, material selection, production technology

and economic implementation from prototype to series.

With our expertise, modern construction programs and a broad network

of engineers and application techniciansand manufacturing partners,

we will quickly turn your idea into a technically functional,

long-term stable and high-quality product

Rubber Gasket Custom Made.png
Rectangle compensator.png
Rubber Profile.png
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